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Trek from Piancaldoli sul Sillaro to the source of the Tiber on Monte Fumaiolo

Traveling in the “Romagna-Toscana” area

With 1:25.000 cartographic tables

The “Roberto Tassinari” path is a long trek that travels suspended, between the high ridge and low altitudes, in the territory of the so-called Romagna-Tuscany. Anna Boschi and Roberto Tassinari, with this guide, have not only described a path, but have made an act of love towards those lands and places where silence and abandonment now reign, but in which, until recently, they lived many families. Traveling on this path means taking a dip in a not too distant past, a journey to the lands of our grandparents. The route, about 144 km long, is divided into ten stages, each of which is accompanied by a 1: 25000 topographic map, easily readable even for the less experienced. Furthermore, the various boxes will guide those interested in searching for historical information and other curiosities. A book, therefore, essential for those traveling on this path, to always carry in the backpack.

Publisher: Monti editore

Author: Anna Boschi, Roberto Tassinari

Publication: 1st edition April 2015

Pages: 127

Format: 13 x 21

Type: Book

Language: Italian


Edizioni Monti


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