Barocook – BC-003 – Flameless Cooking System 850ML

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Barocook Rectangular Flameless Cookware System, 28-Ounce 850ml

COOK A MEAL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!–The BaroCook Flameless System(MRE) is a Revolutionary Cooker for Anyone; Office Workers, Frequent Traveler, Camper, survivalists or Outdoor Enthusiasts. No Matter Where You are Going, Bring this Cooker along to Always Have a Hot Meal. With The Supplied Heat Packs, You can Carry, Cook and Warm Your Food Easily.

EASINESS–Just Place The Heat Pack and Water Into The Outer Container and Then Place The Inner Steel Container Inside and The Steam Will Heat your food for 40 – 60 Minutes Up To 208º Fahrenheit Keeping Warm for Another 40 Minutes. When The Food is Heated, Open The Lid and Enjoy Your Hot Meal.

SAFETY–BaroCook Flameless Cooking Offers a Quick, Easy and Safe Way to Heat all Your Foods and Drinks Without The Need of Dangerous Fuel or a Flame. The flameless Cooker is a Lightweight Stainless Steel Container With a Polymer Shell, so it’s a Perfect Replacement for Bulky Cookers.

SIMPLICITY–With a Little Water or Even Snow, You Can Activate The Heat Packs and Your Meal is Hot and Ready to Eat Within Minutes; Depending on The Type of Food. Because it is Flameless and Produces No Carbon Monoxide, The BaroCook Cooker Can Safely Be Used Indoors or Out.

CONVENIENCE–Can You Imagine Not Having The Expense, Danger or The Weight of Typical Cooking Fuels and Open Flames? Why Not Try Our Revolutionary And Patented Flameless Cooking System With Hiking, Fishing ,Traveling, Hunting, and Other Outdoor Activities. You Deserve to Enjoy Your Hot Meal With Barocook! Caution: Contents Will Become Very Hot When Heating Your Food. Please Read The Instructions First Before Using The Flameless Cooker.




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