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Ciclismo Sport

We have a passion for cycling in our blood. We are descendants of a family of cyclists, and from a young age we have practiced this noble sport.

Then the passion became work: we can boast of having been the first in Umbria to have opened a bicycle shop. Now our business has also extended to other sports sectors (skiing, hiking, fitness, to name just a few), but our 400 square meters of exhibition are still mostly occupied by our first love: the bicycle.

We mainly deal with sales, pre and post sales assistance, repair and bicycle rental; you will also find all the accessories for you and your bike: in short, everything for the two pedal wheels !!

We are passionate about sport and also for the winter months we have the opportunity to keep fit with “Nordic Walking” and “cross-country skiing”. Here you will find all the necessary materials for these sports that you can practice for physical well-being and more: the Latins said “mens sana in corpore sano !!”