Edizioni 4Land – 155 Val di Non – Scale 1:25.000


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155 Val di Non

Carta escursionistica della Val di Non

The valley opens to the west of the Adige Valley, at the confluence of the Noce and the Adige. It is bordered to the east by the Anauni Mountains which separate it from Bassa Atesina and the Val d’Adige, to the west by the Brenta Dolomites, while to the north-west, where Val di Sole originates, by the Maddalene chain; finally it borders to the north with Val d’Ultimo and Alto Adige. The trekking and mountain bike routes are countless and of great value, especially in the upper part of the valley where the apple industry has not yet arrived.

Number: 155
ISBN: 9788889823385
Pages: 2 (1 sheet)
Scale: 1:25.000
Edition: 2020
Format: 68×99 cm open format, 22.5×12.5 closed format
Material: Polyart


edizioni 4land


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