Edizioni 4Land – 211 Isola di Capraia – Scale 1:15.000


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211 Isola di Capraia

Carta escursionistica dell’Isola di Capraia

The only island of volcanic origin in the Tuscan Archipelago, shaped by the extraordinary geological episodes that affected it over the course of several million years. This map was created in collaboration with the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. It represents the most updated and precise cartographic product on the market. All the official paths of the Park, with descriptions of the recommended routes, all the points of interest, the protected areas on land and at sea, cultural and logistical information. 1:15,000 scale map on the front while on the back there are the hiking itineraries recommended by the park with description and altitude profiles.

Number: 211
ISBN: 9791280496171
Pages: 2 (1 sheet)
Scale: 1:15.000
Edition: 2023
Size: 68×99 cm formato aperto, 22,5×12,5 formato chiuso
Material: Polyart


edizioni 4land


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