Edizioni 4Land – 383 Monte Avic – Scale 1:25.000


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Valle d’Aosta

Mont Avic

Valli di Champorcher e Chalamy

383 Mont Avic – Valli di Champorcher e Chalamy, Bassa Valle, Valchiusella e Val Soana

Access to the Monte Avic Regional Park, the two valleys are a precious treasure trove of biodiversity, only partially known as it deserves.
Furthermore, the valleys that extend into the lower areas can be transformed into new areas for exploration.
The map also includes the orographic left of Valchiusella and the northern portion of Val Soana.

Number: 383
ISBN: 9791280496133
Pages: 2 (1 sheet)
Scale: 1:25.000
Edition: 2021
Size: 68 × 99 cm open, 22.5 × 12.5 closed
Material: Polyart


edizioni 4land


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