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Su e giù per il ventaglio di pietra

In Arezzo “stones also speak”. Thus, according to historian Attilio Brilli, a certain Filippo Palmi, a tour guide of the nineteenth century, loved to repeat. And he wasn’t all wrong. To realize this, just walk along the slats of the stone fan – this is the shape of the historic center – or the streets that climb the hill converging towards the cathedral, and let yourself be surprised by the countless signs that twenty-six centuries of an uninterrupted urban event have scattered. in this land everywhere. Four walking itineraries to get to know characters, popular stories and official stories, traces of a past that can still be read in the walls and palaces of an ancient and suggestive historic center circumscribed by the circle of Medici walls. A journey into the plots and lives of artists and writers, gentlemen and common people, in historic premises and private homes, an urban trekking route that can give a wealth of suggestions that remain in the soul well beyond the inevitable impact that Arezzo it usually offers hit-and-run tourists, dazzled by the harmonious irregularity of Piazza Grande and the charm of its monuments. As long as you know how to deal with it with the right disposition of mind and savor it with a slow and curious walk, that of the unguided ones.

Publisher: Ali&no Editrice

Author: Valerio Corvisieri

Publication: 2011

Pages: 126

Format: 15 x 21

Type: Guide

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788862540711


Edizioni Ali&no


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