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Itinerari di monaci e consoli

Gubbio is one of those cities that can be visited either in a couple of hours or in a month, rich as it is in history, curiosities and monuments. The Palazzo dei Consoli, the Roman Theater, the Bargello, the Ceri, the popes. The saints, the bridges, the heroes. The honorary madmen and their fountain, squares, doors, sanctuaries, castles, hermitages.
Everything comes to life and returns as if muffled by the clamor of today, in the crystalline, ethereal, sparkling air, motionless like time that seems to have stopped between those walls and those deeds. But Gubbio is not just stone. Indeed, it is planted on a rich fabric of green spaces, often imperceptible, sometimes hidden by the walls of the houses or hidden behind the doors of the convents or in the courtyards of noble buildings in the heart of the historic center. In the itineraries of monks and consuls a different, lively city appears, full of splendid details set between the streets and buildings of the historic center or in the thousand stories told with the witty and wise air of those who have always lived in Gubbio and have always known their true soul.

Publisher: Ali&no Editrice

Author: Giusi Tranchida

Publication: 2002

Pages: 104

Format: 15 x 21

Type: Book

Language: Italian

ISBN: 978887594317


Edizioni Ali&no


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