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Passeggiare la Stella

Second edition, updated and expanded, of the first title in the series, this guide offers tourism a bit freer and slower than the official one, attentive to lesser-known monuments (we only touch the important ones in search of curiosity) and people’s stories that the city has made in all these centuries.
Five urban trekking itineraries to hike with an attentive eye and heart, trying (especially those who live there) to “regain possession” of the city or to have a more active and participatory relationship with it (if a tourist) than the usual hit-and-run visit.
“I thought about walking on this star (the ancient form of Perugia) in search of the minor signs left by time on the skin of the city. I drew a sample of faces and chores, old shops and writings on the walls, factories, madmen and brothels, stories, legends and various amenities. “

Publisher: Ali&no Editrice

Author: Mauro Pianesi

Publication: 2007

Pages: 104

Format: 15 x 21

Type: Guide

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788887594966


Edizioni Ali&no


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