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Tra Toscana e Umbria

Itinerari e memorie altotiberine

“The panorama that you can enjoy is enchanting: imagine an immense amphitheater and such that only nature can form it. A wide and extensive plain is surrounded by mountains, which in their upper part bear tall and ancient forests (…)” . Thus Pliny the Younger presented Valtiberina and its mountains to Domizio Apollinare twenty centuries a<go. From Sansepolcro to Anghiari, from Pieve Santo Stefano to the sources of the Tiber, walking along mountain paths and the old high-altitude roads between Tuscany and Umbria, in a harsh and sweet territory at the same time, magical and religious, rich in hermitages and ancestral beliefs , of a thousand stories and as many legendary characters who have animated these places for centuries.
Land of encounters and clashes, of fractures always on the verge of healing to break again, mobile contours, indefinite boundaries for wanting to define them too minutely and stubbornly. And for this land rich in every sense, a land rich in many senses to be discovered in these itineraries.

Publisher: Ali&no Editrice

Author: Giannermete Romani

Publication: 2004

Pages: 144

Format: 15 x 21

Type: Guide

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788887594416


Edizioni Ali&no


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