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Itinerari, memorie e vie d’acqua

It is a different Bologna that narrated in the pages of this book. What only its inhabitants can tell. A dreamy and sometimes mysterious city, gently nestled along the waterways that cross it, underground veins and canals still visible are unexpectedly discovered not far from the arcades of the streets in the center, traces of a past unknown to many. A journey that winds slowly through the memory of famous women, architectural works and great culture. Bologna and its Studium, the oldest university in the world, Bologna and its palaces, its towers, the ancient coats of arms and the sepulchral monuments of illustrious souls. Rediscover these signs today wandering in the alleys, pausing in a square or letting our eyes get lost in front of a door, a garden, a detail whose history we cannot imagine.
Authors: Chiara Caliceti, Pier Luigi Bottino
Year: 2006
Pages: 104 ill.
Format: 15×21
Italian language


Edizioni Ali&no


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