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Tecniche di tree climbing

L’arrampicata per la moderna arboricoltura

Climbing trees is a stage in our evolution and part of our nature. Tree climbing, climbing trees with ropes, is a technique with a long history, which has also developed in Italy as a working technique only in the last twenty years.
This study is the contribution of the Alberi Maestri association to the development and sharing of procedures to make this profession increasingly safer. It examines the rules, equipment, knots, techniques and best practices.
The presence of trees in the urban context is fundamental for human society, for several reasons. First of all the well-being deriving from living in places embellished by trees. A new awareness is therefore needed on the part of climber arborists: an operator who is not able to take care of himself, of his own safety, will hardly do a good job with another living being.

Author: Christian Roccati, Marco Rinaldi

Publication: 2013

Pages: 156 illus.

Format: 16 x 23.3

Italian language

ISBN: 9788862541312


Edizioni Ali&no


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