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Passaggio a Sud

Diario di viaggio lungo l’Appennino

Passage to the South is a journey in 30 stages and 600 kilometers along the mountains in the middle of the Mediterranean, between people and history, villages and nature, in search of a link between the many realities of our country, which can join it from north to south.

A unique and precious travel diary on foot along the Apennines, from Apecchio (Pesaro-Urbino) to Andretta (Avellino), made up of places, people, animals, nature and magic. The one of the archaic traditions that dwell in the memory of those who still remember, the beautiful one of the encounters that fill your heart, the amazing one of the effort that satisfies you instead of exhausting you. From this project a documentary film was born which will accompany all the book presentation events in the various stages scheduled from April to September.

Author: Antonio Gonnella

Year: 2019

Pages: 208 ill.

Format: 13.5 x 22

Italian language

ISBN: 9788862542210


Edizioni Ali&no


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