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Apuane a spit & chiodi

55 classic and modern itineraries. The Apuan Alps are a rugged world of true mountaineering, which beyond the most popular destinations offers uncontaminated and evocative spaces. The real mountain is often behind the door: it is enough to know how to look for it appropriately, inserting ourselves tiptoe into the environment. The book we are about to read is truly exciting: it describes various climbing routes on famous walls as if hidden, not in the forced search of the grade, but of the itinerary to climb to the top. We are talking about routes with various difficulties, without looking for the bolt at all costs, which has also allowed the rediscovery of obsolete itineraries outside the classic routes and the best known crags. All the routes are meticulously described pitch by pitch, with an indication of the approach and the necessary material, illustrated with captivating images that describe the context well

Publisher: Idea Montagna

Released: 2020

Pages: 192

Italian language

ISBN: 9788885468887


Edizioni Idea Montagna


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