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Escursioni a Chamonix

Collana sentieri d’autore – 36

Walking in Chamonix? Apparently it doesn’t make sense! We are in the world capital of mountaineering, in the place where this activity had its official origin. Since the end of the eighteenth century, Chamonix has been the base camp for generations of enthusiasts, who have come from every corner of the earth to fight their own personal battle on the glaciers and granite pinnacles of Mont Blanc. Yet it was not the mountaineers who “discovered” Chamonix. They were the ancient travellers, the hikers of the past. These first explorers, curious and impressionable, let themselves be overwhelmed by the sublime experience (precisely in the romantic sense of the term) which here, in front of Mont Blanc in all its mighty magnificence, constitutes a constant and intense stimulus. Even today, hiking is one of the most popular sports activities in the Chamonix valley. It is precisely by walking, taking one’s time, freely alternating the serene rhythm of the step with pauses to look, touch, listen, that one can best appreciate the simple beauty of this “temple of nature”.

Publisher: Idea Montagna

Released: 2019

Italian language

ISBN: 9788885468580


Edizioni Idea Montagna


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