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Camminare in Valmarecchia

36 escursioni ad anello

Rimini and Valmarecchia have always been strategic areas for trade and traffic.
In Roman times, the Via Flaminia ended in Rimini, the Via Emilia started and the Via “Ariminensis” or Via Maior (hence the toponym Viamaggio) arrived from Arezzo to our city.
In 303 AD. Three Dalmatians Marino, Leo and Agata fled Dalmatia and arrived here, where they founded three of the most important cities in the whole valley.
The Middle Ages saw these areas crossed by the “Romei” pilgrims who went to Rome from Northern and Eastern European countries.
The numerous churches in the valley bear witness to all of this.
Finally, in the 9th century, the Malatesta family established itself in Pennabilli, and then settled in Verucchio, finally dominating Rimini.
The many castles that embellish the valley are the result of their dominion.

Edizioni: Iga Monti
Autore: Renzo Nicoletti
Guida: 96 pagine
Anno: 2020
Lingua: Italiano
Formato: 12,5×21 cm
ISBN: 9788885502246


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