Edizioni Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini – Pedalando nel Parco – Guide


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Pedalando nel Parco

Il Grande Anello e altri 14 itinerari per scoprire, in mountain bike, gli ambienti più suggestivi dei Monti Sibillini

Exploring the Park on the saddle of a mountain bike allows you to capture sensations where the engines would turn off the birdsong and the gurgling of the streams, would cover the smell of hay, broom and helichrysum. It allows you to travel along roads and paths originally built for the farmers ‘treks, the woodcutters’ mules, the shepherds ‘boots and the pilgrims’ sandals.
The times recommended in the guide, longer than those strictly necessary to travel the itineraries, invite you to abandon the stopwatch, to synchronize the cycles of the pedals with those of nature, which shows itself different at every change of gear and of the season.
The challenge is therefore not to tackle climbs and descents to enhance physical performance, but to improve one’s ability to discover fantastic worlds and hidden treasures every time with renewed amazement.

Publisher: Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

Author: Alfredo Fermanelli, Alessandro Rossetti

Publication: 2002

Pages: 136

Format: 12 x 21

Type: Guide

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788889916179


Edizioni Parco Nazionale Dei Monti Sibillini


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