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L’Altro Sentiero

Collana di Escursionismo Appenninico Alternativo.

40 escursioni nell’Appennino sconosciuto.

The ideal path is the one that reserves us a surprise at every bend;
it is what allows us to change our perspective on the world;
it’s what keeps curiosity alight at every step;
it is what gives that feeling of “disorientation” that reconnects us to our nomadic origins;
it is what satisfies our need to be amazed, to go towards the unknown and adventure;
it is what stimulates and exercises our sense of direction;
it is what allows the encounter with the traces of different cultures.

Collection of itineraries on the Apennine mountains, chosen for you by enthusiasts like you, among those less known and popular.

Three-dimensional cartography from Google Earth.
GPS tracks downloadable from the website www.edizioniser.com

Series edited by Alberico Alesi and Maurizio Calibani.

Hardback box containing the 4 volumes, 2010-2011 collection, at a special price of € 24.00 instead of 32.00. 40 excursions in the unknown Apennines.

L’altro sentiero n ° 1 – February 2010 Year: 2010 Pages: 60 Format: 16×21 Photos: col with Monte Pozzoni, Madonna della Tibia, Monte Costa Alta, Monte Calvo, Monte Cornacchia, Monte Navegna, Monte Aspra, Monte Capitone, Monte Rotondo .

L’altro sentiero n ° 2 – June 2010 Year: 2010 Pages: 60 Format: 16×21 Photos: col with Monte Gallinola, Pizzo dell’Arco, Lake Albano, Monte Coscerno, Mugello, Colle Pelato, Hermitage of San Michele, Valle dell ‘ Orfento, Cima Manfriana, Serra delle Gravare.

L’altro sentiero n ° 3 – January 2011 Year: 2011 Pages: 60 Format: 16×21 Photos: col with the Scurosa Valley, Monte Gorzano, Monte Crepacuore, Monte Sibilla, Monte Sirente, Valle del Voltigno, Camerota, Monte Sirino and Papa, Isola of Marettimo, Mount Etna.

L’altro sentiero n ° 4 – June 2011 Year: 2011 Pages: 60 Format: 16×21 Photos: col with the Hermitage of Monte Casale – Monte Alpi – Monte Fistocchio – Tempio della Sibilla – Monte Serrone – Monte Pellegrino – Monte Murlo – Gole del Macellaro – The via Ranna – Monte Terratta and Argatone.

Publisher: SER Società Editrice Ricerche

Author: Alberico Alesi, Maurizio Calibani

Publication: 2010-2011

Pages: 240

Format: 16 x 21 cm

Type: Book necklace

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788886610599


Edizioni SER


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