Edizioni Ediciclo – Nel Mezzo di Cammino di Santiago – Book


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Cycling towards Compostella between wayfarers and pilgrims

«Every art needs an illusion. Traveling requires the prospect of arrival».

What colors and what smells for a bicycle adventure on the Camino de Santiago? If paired with a color, this trip would have the greenish brown of the mountain and the woods, of the penumbra that remains between the branches after the sunlight has filtered through. And the blue of the skies, and the yellow of the arrows that point the way. Then there is the smell. The strong one of moss, and of the fatigue of those who walk or pedal these 800 kilometers one after the other. It is a long journey that begins on the French side of the Pyrenees and ends, perhaps, on the coasts of Galicia.

Natalino Russo lives it together with his bicycle, a funny homemade trailer and a peace flag. He lingers with the patrons of the bars, with the peasants, with the old men in the mood for chatter. He meets hospitaleros and peregrinos. He lets himself be fascinated by travelers, who, each with his own personal faith, close the door behind them and start walking, or pedaling, along endless lands. They go through them in hypnosis, like ghosts, each on their own and yet everyone together.

Publisher: Ediciclo Editore

Author: Natalino Russo

Publication: March 2010

Pages: 208

Format: 14,5 x 21,5

Type: Book

Language: Italian


Ediciclo Editore


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