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Kassejjò e dintorni

Cammini, emozioni, luoghi

Kassejjò and its surroundings collects stories, evokes emotions, tells people and places: it is a divertissement of actions and words inspired by the travels and treks organized by the author over the last few years in Italy and around the world. Kassejjò is the philosophy of life for those who love to walk off the beaten track, for those who prefer the unknown and the unexpected and look for the joy of being together in every corner, in every path, in every creature they meet along the way. Kassejjò is the very memory of the journey, of the friends who meet in the evening in front of the fire or stop to observe the river in the pouring rain. Characters and stories that come to life in the pages of this book without following a precise order, either chronological or geographical, but freely follow the flow of thoughts and memories.

Author: Louis Montagnoli

Year: 2022

Pages: 1184 illustrations.

Format: 15×22

Italian language

ISBN: 9788862542685


Edizioni Ali&no


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