Edizioni AMP – Il giardino dello spirito – Book


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Il giardino dello spirito

Viaggio tra i simbolismi di un orto medievale

The ideal journey, almost Dantesque, through the medieval garden is a reason to discover, in plants, shapes and numbers, symbolic functions, remote philosophies, myths, legends, magical beliefs, astral correspondences, golden proportions and many other stories that testify the millennial relationship between man and the plant world. In the symbolic garden the “signs” take on the value of an individual and collective rediscovery of creation and of man. From the ideal, mathematically perfect ancestral forms to the primitive entropy of the forest, up to the affirmation of creative rationality, the narrative path leads us to re-read the idea of the garden and nature in a spiritual and almost animistic key, according to the typical vision of the medieval man, “pilgrim” on earth.

Publisher: AMP Editions

Author: Alessandro Menghini

Publication: 2004

Pages: 251

Format: 17.5 x 24

Genre: Book

Italian language

ISBN: 8788895642024


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