Edizioni Era Nuova – Da Perugia a San Marco – Book


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Da Perugia a San Marco

Viaggio storico-antropologico emozionale paesaggistico attraverso il territorio a nord-ovest della città

It might come as a surprise that in the middle of the automotive and digital era, the authors decided to walk the two roads that lead from the medieval walls of Perugia to San Marco. The aim of this “journey” was to observe a historical-anthropological reality that could also excite and that the frenetic life of our days does not allow us to focus. Five kilometers traveled in small stages during which it was possible to visit and study buildings of historical importance and collect evidence of community life lived by some inhabitants still residing in the area while others have moved elsewhere. This overview is also supplemented by memories related to traditional customs no longer implemented for some decades, but remained imprinted in the memory of the authors.

Publisher: Edizioni Era Nuova

Author: Boldrini Carla, Frittelli Aldo

Publication: 2019

Pages: 140

Genre: Book

Italian language

ISBN: 9788866621249


Edizioni Era Nuova


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