Edizioni SER – Da Ascoli alla Montagna dei Fiori – Book


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Da Ascoli alla Montagna dei Fiori

Storie di sacro e profano

This is how evanescent figures of witches, elves, fairy creatures, stories of treasures and maps appear from the fog of the past, reminding us of the existence of a secret, arcane and unknown world, parallel to ours. Evidence, timidly whispered, means that from our enchanted undergrowth of chestnut trees, legends lost in time emerge and then take refuge again in charm and mystery. From the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, ancient tales of hermits and hermits, of saints and blessed, of history and religion, of truth and fantasy descend gently on the hills of Piagge.
Retracing in the imagination the path of spirituality that climbs from Piagge, through the ancient and suggestive path flanked by the sweetness of the landscapes, up to the San Marco hill and continues up to the ascent of the Montagna dei Fiori, the sacred and the profane, usually from uncertain boundaries, they merge to become one.

The intent that prompted me to write this publication, which does not intend to be an exhaustive research of the whole territory bordering the mountain, was to try to reconstruct the enchanted world of popular traditions and everything we call folklore.

Publisher: SER Società Editrice Ricerche

Author: Antonella Alesi

Publication: December 2005

Pages: 176

Format: 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Type: Book

Language: Italian


Edizioni SER


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