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L’opera della Cascata tra archeologia, storia e cultura industriale

The Cascata delle Marmore, which today appears above all as a natural and landscape phenomenon, is actually a hydraulic work, an artificial channel, the result of the work and ingenuity of many generations. It is a great work of architecture and hydraulic engineering. The essay offers a different point of view from which to appreciate and understand the work of the waterfall, the common heritage of Terni and Rieti and a significant and constitutive element of European identity. Manly also tells the myths, legends and historical facts that have concerned the waterfall over the centuries. The journey in this fascinating corner of the Valnerina is completed by the descriptions of the paths and the proposed itineraries to discover the less known but no less suggestive neighboring areas.

Publisher: Thyrus

Author: Miro Virili

Pages: 135

Genre: Guide

Italian language

ISBN: 9788868081836




Edizioni Thyrus


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