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Prima che venga il Lupo

La prevenzione dei pericoli nell’accompagnamento escursionistico professionale

Used for a decade throughout Italy for the training of environmental hiking guides and in dozens of courses for hiking guides in the association, the text, in its third edition, has filled the lack of technical literature aimed at those who have transformed or want to transform one’s passion for hiking in a profession. The success of “Before the wolf comes” lies in the fact that it honestly maintains the premise contained in the subtitle, limiting itself to describing in an exhaustive, often ironic and colloquial way, all the potential dangerous situations in accompanying excursions in a temperate boreal environment and the necessary countermeasures in terms of prevention and protection. The text is also accompanied by an extremely innovative chapter on risk management, information and legal and insurance considerations on the recent Italian jurisprudence on the subject and a chapter on the activation of rescues, collaboration with rescuers and group management during a health emergency situation in the natural environment.

Publisher: Monte Meru Editrice

Author: Marco Fazion

Publication: 3rd edition December 2016

Pages: 276

Type: Guide

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788888505305


Edizioni Monte Meru


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