Edizioni AMP – L’Enigma Del Monte Della Sibilla – Book


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L’Enigma Del Monte Della Sibilla

In the extraordinary scenery of the Sibillini mountains, the summit of Mount Sibilla stands out from all the others for having a sort of hat on its head, or rather a «crown »›, which makes it a mountain marked by destiny.
Especially since a cave opens up in its belly, a call, it is said, not only for wizards and necromancers, but also for characters eager to escape from the prison of everyday life, in search of amazing emotions. Yes, because that cave would be nothing more than the entrance to a fantastic country, perennially pervaded with splendor that would seem illusory.
Those who manage to enter – it is far from easy – are pampered by a bevy of bridesmaids and enjoy the favors of the revered Queen. Goodbye, hate everyday sufferings, pleasure and happiness reign supreme!
Over time, the mountain has taken on magical and demonic connotations, it has become a destination for seekers of this secret Kingdom, who are convinced that they will find it in the bowels of the fateful mountain. But does Mount Sibilla really hide this secret? Or is the story just a huge illusion?

Publisher: AMP Edizioni

Author: Alessandro Menghini

Publication: June 2008

Pages: 190

Format: 17 x 24

Type: Book

Language: Italian

ISBN: 8788890280269



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