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Storie lunghe un fiume

Memorie e racconti del Tevere

These pages tell stories of life and water. War stories, love stories, peasant stories, full stories, sometimes dramatic, sometimes superb, never banal, lived along the ‘sacred river to the destinies of Rome’. Characters out of time, Anselmo, Livio, Ginetta, Ettore, Salvatore, Silvana, Primo, Nina, Guglielmo, the washerwomen and the boatmen, the millers and peasants, the grandmothers, the mothers, the goddesses and the thousand other men and women named only for nickname as they themselves made for these places. Memories that have no shape like water, stories that flow lightly like clouds and that take shape only by looking at them with the eyes of a child, important stories, strong and rough like the hands of those who tell themselves with irony and innocence.
And then the journey, the other great theme of this book. Going slowly and silently, on foot like the wayfarers of the past, from the source of the river throughout Umbria, a journey that has listened to and met a thousand faces and a thousand ancient voices, crafts, dialects, loves, superstitions, foods.
Traveling to know and recognize places through history that has changed, lived and rediscovered them. Traveling to be there and share.
What the authors have accomplished is a journey into the experience of the river. Not to forget, but above all to look to the future with better and more aware eyes.

Publisher: Ali&no Editrice

Author: Giannermete Romani, Graziano Vinti

Publication: 2006

Pages: 184

Format: 16 x 24

Type: Book

Language: Italian

ISBN: 9788887594775


Edizioni Ali&no


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