Edizioni Carsa – Parco Nazionale della Majella – Book


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Parco Nazionale della Majella

La montagna dei lupi, degli orsi e dei santi eremiti

Due to the peculiarity of this mighty rocky plateau, which is a park of both Nature and Man, the volume pays equal attention to both the naturalistic aspects of the protected area (which preserves the largest high-altitude wilderness areas of the Apennines ) than to the thousands of years old, widespread and multiform evidence of human presence (from the most ancient bands of Palaeolithic hunters, to the Neolithic agricultural settlements, to the Italic shepherds-warriors, to the medieval settlements); and then to the holy hermits, the shepherds, the brigands, the miners and stonemasons who inhabited its caves, walked its paths, drank its waters, worked its white stone.

Publisher: Carsa Edizioni

Publication: January 2002

Pages: 272

Genre: Book

Italian language

ISBN: 9788850100361


Edizioni Carsa


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