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Le Figlie del Sole

Dalla Sibilla ai Culti Solari Matrilineari

Feminine archetypes such as the Sibyl and the cult of the Mother cannot be explained only with rational language as they come from a world that pre-existed science. The tradition is not the subject of free disclosure, but requires another language to which the author has complied in dealing with the Mother goddess, the Queen of the Sibillini Mountains, and her priestesses who were born on the day of the spring equinox, near of the holy well. These women died in a place which later became “torment” for animals. They caught them in the house that stood above their cave, they were pierced to death together with knights who had come from all over the world to learn the alchemical secrets. The Mother was separated from her daughters, torn apart and buried in the upper part of the mountain, to divide and decompose the elements of the universe forever. The cosmic mountain called Venusberg is the temple of all the Queens of the Sun and of places linked to the cult of the Great Mother, female initiatory schools where poets, kings and magicians went to learn Wisdom.
Editions: X Publishing
Author: Giuliana Poli
Genre: 200 page book
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9788897286165


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