Edizioni Simple – Storie, leggende e altro sui Monti Sibillini – Book


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Storie, leggende e altro sui Monti Sibillini

Even if times have changed a lot, since the first peoples settled on the territory of the Sibillini Mountains, it is still true that the legends have remained, albeit transformed by different cultures and traditions, which have transmitted their own assessments and own judgments. In the past, as they do today, legends had a decisive importance for understanding our cultural roots, not to mention the fascination that our mountains have acquired thanks to these narratives. If it is true in fact that the interest in our mountains is mainly due to their rugged beauty that has not yet been completely contaminated, it is equally true that it is increased by the aura of mystery that hovers there, and by the legends that those places have inspired.

Publisher: Simple

Author: Giuseppe Di Modugno, Andrea Antinori

Publication: 2014

Pages: 139

Genre: Book

Italian language

ISBN: 9788862599726


Edizioni Simple


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